The Holy Trinity

Better than God. Three Gods.


A Week In The Life – The Diary Of Christopher P. Dunne aged 19 and 5 months

Monday 23rd October

Ah, the start of a beautiful new week. Life is so wonderful. I woke up this morning and just lay in bed for a while contemplating the enormity of being, in particular the cognition of beauty and its context within the natural world. I believe it was John Keats who stated:
A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness.
I started to write a song about it but I realised I was late for my lecture so I had to go out.
When I got back from my lecture Matt and Josh were in the lounge eating some kind of microwaved offal. I don’t know how they can do that a) to their bodies, the bodies that our Lord God blessed us with, and b) to those defenceless little creatures that once lived but now only serve to quench some short-term desire. There’s no telling them though. I went to my room and cried a little.
In the evening Josh played Resident Evil 4 for about 3 hours and Matt laughed every time someone got their head blown off. They make me sick sometimes. I’m glad I completed it so quickly so I don’t have to soil my hands with that filth anymore.

Tuesday 24th October

Today was a bad day but you know that of course LOL! I’ll tell you about it anyway. I was still a bit cross when I got up. I went to my lectures in the morning and someone made a joke about my hair going grey. I spat in their coke when they went to the toilet a bit later. Hopefully they’ll get hepatitis or TB or something. But do I have to have it for someone else to get it?? I’ll look into that tomorrow.
I got home and played on Hitman. I completed my mission with 47 kills and high notoriety. Not my record but good nonetheless. The best bit was shooting a woman in the head when she was pleading for mercy LBAO! Silly bitch.
As it was a Tuesday I had to go to Matt’s faggy Sci Fi club for gays again. We watched Predator 2 which was incredible! There was this invisible guy who hung people upside down from the ceiling after he killed them. I’ve thought about doing that to those two jerks at home but I’d have to clean up the mess cos there’d be no-one else to do it for me. Matt and Josh said they hated it so I went along with that. They don’t appreciate any from of subtle socio-cultural satire though so what did I expect?!

Wednesday 25th October

I awoke with the words of Juvenal resounding through my mind – Nemo repente fuit turpissimus. ‘No one ever became thoroughly bad in one step.’ Well it didn’t take those two miscreants very many steps. They seemed like lovely boys when I met them. I miss Chris P…
I had the afternoon off as always. Usually this means a trip to the cinema to see some perverse film about drug dealings and murder with multiple uses of the ‘f word’ but I was spared today. Instead we stayed in and I watched them play more Resident Evil 4, blowing up fish with a rocket launcher. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. The more things change, the more they stay the same. They disgust me sometimes.
They convinced me to go out to Cherry Pop tonight, so we started getting drunk at about 8pm. I don’t know how much longer I can pretend to like vodka. It tastes like nail varnish, as well as being terrible for your body. I thought it was meant to be a temple not a… crack house. Or whatever. I had a pretty awful time, but I danced along with their ridiculous routines as usual. At least Matt managed to keep it down for once. We got in at 2.30am and I went straight to my room and I cried a little.

Thursday 26th October

On my way to university today I passed that field just before the hospital. I saw one horse in there on his own and I thought he looked a bit sick. I guessed that field is used as a kind of Horse Hospice (ROFL), so I went in and pushed it over and then kicked it a little. It definitely wasn’t very well cos it died pretty easily and obviously, following the Vegetarians Handbook, anything that dies from natural causes is kosher, so to speak. So I gorged on its body for a while. I guess that’s what they mean by being so hungry you could eat a horse eh? CHAIRMAN LMAO! My blood stained clothes offered me a dilemma as it was 2pm and broad daylight, but I snook home and those two malefactors were still in bed so I could wash my clothes without any difficult questions. Someone saw me on our road I think but I strangled them with some fibre wire and hid their body in my closet. It’s getting rather full now, but at least the smell blends in with the rest of my bedroom.
Tonight we watched Dead Man’s Shoes on DVD. It was horrible. The ‘c word’ was used more than 5 times. And people being murdered, it was all about revenge. Matt and Josh were jizzing all over it so I went along with them, but really I hated every minute. I believe it was Milton in Paradise Lost who said ‘He who overcomes by force hath overcome but half his enemy’. So true. So true…

Friday 27th October

I’ve had enough. Every man has his limits. It was bad enough that Josh has just got Pro Football 6 or whatever, but I thought that Matt’s hatred of all competitive sport which equals mine would mean that he wouldn’t get chance to play it much. But it seems they are complicit in their desire to drive me insane, playing it all day long. One of them took a shit in my acoustic guitar too, even though they’re denying all knowledge of it. Cunts.
Well revenge is a dish best served cold, so I’ve learnt, which is why I put my knife in the freezer tonight before I cut their throats in their sleep tomorrow. Oh it’s your birthday on Monday is it Matthew?? Well happy fucking birthday, mate.



A Bit Much

Hello Trinifans (that's 'trinity' and 'fans' compounded to form a new word). Here are some of the notes that have been left around Trinity Towers (or 'Boss House') of late. Please enjoy.

Seriously guys, whoever is ignoring the fact that we have a blog needs to stop now and start pulling their weight or it's curtains for you. You'll burn in the eternal fires of hades and I will personally see to it that you never see daylight ever again you CUNTS.

Cheers, Matt

Hey guys, please stop putting your balls on my pillow because I struggle to sleep with my nostrils filled with the fetid stench of your sweaty sacks.

Thanks, Josh

Guys, I don't know what the stuff piled up behind the taps in the kitchen is, but it looks a heck of a lot like dried semen and HobNobs. I don't think I should have to clean it up, do you? Also the bin is so full it is about to tear itself open from inside, somebody should sort it out. Not me though.

Yours sincerely, Emma

Seriously guys, I thought it was pretty funny the first time I found a turd inside the GameCube, but it's starting to get a little old now and I don't think it works properly anymore. If you want to keep playing Resident Evil 4, I'd advise you to stop putting shit inside the GameCube. If you don't stop soon, I'll be forced to put my balls on your pillow again.

Cheers, Matt

Guys, whoever scrawled HITLER HITLER HITLER on my bedroom door needs to report the damages and pay for the repairs. I am tired of being reminded of the atrocities of the Nazi regime every time I go for a wank.

Thanks, Chris.

Hey guys, does anybody know what is in that binliner next to the freezer? It's too heavy for me to move by myself and it smells of rot.


Chris I will continue to scrawl HITLER on your door until you admit to your part in the extermination of my people.


Josh, move the body. Emma is onto us.


Um, guys, I went to use my colander the other day and it looked a lot a like somebody had been forcing handfuls of shit through it. If you do this again, please make sure that you wash it afterwards.

Thanks, Emma

Guys, if the police find any more crack in my bedroom they are going to fuck me right up. Please stop planting it, it's not funny now.




Guys, I woke up this morning and my asshole was distinctly sore. I thought we already discussed this. PLEASE STOP


Josh, nobody believes your ridiculous 'crack planting' line, just admit you have a problem. It'd be okay if you didn't have your junkie friends round here all the time. I found Barry slamming his fists into my butter and screaming about metal horses yesterday, and it needs to stop.


Look guys, there's a point where you can go too far and that was long ago now. My room is my private area, and I DO NOT appreciate you going in when I am out and bleeding on my desk. Also I found all my frozen food floating in the toilet yesterday covered in urine soaked newspaper. I am going to the hospital to have my stab wounds tended to, and then I am moving out.


Guys, it worked.